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Know about Important Facts of Folliculitis

As per medical claims there are many conditions that can affect the skin and even hair one of these conditions is Folliculitis that is basically infection and inflammation of hair follicles. This condition can catch men or women of any age. This co Read More

Enjoy Showers of Rain with Best Hair Care

Most of us long for the monsoon season as rain can add charm and refreshes everything but these rains are not friend of hair. Wet hair becomes more prone to damage and even acid rains and dirty rain water can affect adversely hair follicles.  Even hu Read More

Get Your Real and Natural Look Back

These days it’s very common among men and women to notice excessive hair on comb and bald patches on scalp. Both men and women in very young age witness the hair loss that is called pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. However in men this proble Read More